Managers in IT — Developer’s pov


Manager -> Developer — is it downgrade?

What developers, QAs and managers think about quality?

It’s good to see managers “selling” behavior

  • Once more I realized, when u know something very good, you can be proud of yourselves, and you can then expect something from people, because you know how good it must be. When you know for sure, you are responsible, and even manager who tries to “sell” you some “blabla” stuff is not enemy anymore.
  • It was a time, when I realized I’m such a person, and I could communicate with manager, knowing manager was not right, or manager was “selling” me something. Day by day I became more confident in what I was saying. And it gave me good start, and even now, I always remember that feeling.
  • I also realized, that culture difference matter. But despite that, I was more confident, that ideal work exists, ideal work behavior must exist and cultivated inside of team.
  • It was nice time, because I did have ability to work with a few managers, and compare how they differently “selling” me their stuff. But I was calm, because I was prepared.

Let’s PM, PO, BA do their job and Devs do their job

How managers recognize proactive people…

What managers really think about quality

Why do I need 3 managers?

Relativity defines what is quality and what is not. Why?

  • What was new and shocking for me, that if I think that ideal code/product must be with no bugs at all, manager introduced a relativity term into discussion, and his point is, “if team decided that “Quality of Product” is defined by 10 bugs no more, that it’s is OK”. And IMHO, its not OK.
  • Another person commented on LinkedIn — “it’s about tradeoffs. Time and money are two of them. Quality is just one of the metrics and not a silver bullet for all the cases.”, and I can’t agree with it. I still think quality must be 100% quality. No excuses.
  • “It’s a matter of time and cost analysis.” — yeah, sounds very manager-y, but me as developer I think about code, not about money.
  • “Bugs have priorities and that matters.”. Again, I think bugs non-existence matters, and I don’t care about priorities, BUGS must die/gone/disappeared/fixed.

How managers make decisions

Why do we need managers at all if they don’t do their job?

How managers answer with “excuses”

After “Thank you for your help and understanding” I wanna say “F•CK OFF”

Again: “being manager” is not helping…

How to work with “passive manager”


me vs. Managers

People’s thoughts

Managers, are people who overusing phrases

  • “It depends” — top-notch.
  • “In perfect world…” — WTF? We have real world, let’s get our asses up and do the real *** job right now…
  • “I was distracted” or “I was on a meeting, and taken off”.
  • “I hear you, but…”.
  • “Here is what what we can do…”.
  • “Let me look what I can do…” or “We will do what we can…”.
  • “Don’t hesitate to say no, we can deal with it…”. But in fact when you say No, as result u receive, “OK, but what u can suggest in stead except complains?”.
  • “It’s great idea, but we don’t have time for this…”.
  • Very frequent u can hear on meetings with Clients — “It’s all about leadership, and our managers do our best to leverage…. blblabla”.
  • “It’s slippery slope”.


WebDev (JavaScript/TypeScript, CSS/HTML, React, Angular, NodeJS). Hobbies: Blogging, Genealogy/Genetics, Languages, #EDM.

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Andrii Lundiak

Andrii Lundiak

WebDev (JavaScript/TypeScript, CSS/HTML, React, Angular, NodeJS). Hobbies: Blogging, Genealogy/Genetics, Languages, #EDM.

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